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Bottled Water Coolers, Business Water Coolers,
Mini Water Coolers

water coolers from full standing water coolers to table top or mini water coolers

Floorstanding water dispensers fall into two main categories:

water drop

Bottle dispensers

Bottle dispensers, as the name implies, dispense water from a bottled source.

There is further choice regarding the temperature of the water dispensed.

The two most common options available are hot/chilled water or chilled/ambient water. The first of these two options provides the user with the ability to make hot drinks as well as dispensing chilled drinking water.

water drop

Tabletop dispensers or Mini Water Coolers

Tabletop dispensers or Mini Water Coolers provide an ideal alternative to floorstanding dispensers in an environment where floor space is at a premium. These dispensers are smaller in height and are designed to sit on a work surface or table instead of sitting directly on the floor.

Tabletop dispensers offer ambient and chilled water only, so if space is available and hot water is a requirement, then we would recommend looking more closely into the floorstanding range of dispensers which can offer ambient, chilled and hot water dispensation from a single unit.

However, in a small office or kitchen, tabletop dispensers offer a constant supply of ambient and chilled water without the need to take up valuable fridge space!

Only £1 per delivery

We will deliver within 24-48 hours of receiving your order, we can deliver on timed / scheduled deliveries or on demand. All vehicles are clearly marked in our livery. The water is bottled and on your door step within 48 hours so nice and fresh for your enjoyment,

A pure pleasure.

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